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Sleep Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) on Philips Respironics CPAP devices

Here is the latest update from Philips Respironics regarding the 2021 CPAP recall as of March 14, 2023:

To our valued customers:

In this month’s update, we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight some important actions for certain patients as well as an updated contact and support page.

Given the progress we have made thus far in the remediation, if your Philips-managed patients are still awaiting their replacement device or financial payment, it may be because they need to make an important election in the Patient Portal. If you have patients currently being managed by Philips Respironics, they may need to take an action in the Patient Portal in order to proceed with remediation:

System One patients:

• As previously communicated, we cannot offer System One patients a new or repaired version of their current product. • These patients must select one of the following two options. In the absence of making a selection in the Patient Portal, no action can be taken. Option 1: Financial payment for return of affected units, Option 2: Continue remediation pathway to receive a replacement device. • No action is required from DME at this time. • Please note, you can now view if a System One patient has made a selection on your weekly remediation report. If no selection has yet been made, the field will read “default.”

Both System One patients* who have elected to receive a replacement device and Dream Station patients without a prescription:

• We recently reached out to patients who have registered their affected device but have not yet submitted their therapy prescription. Because we are unable to fulfill their order without a prescription, we are providing patients with the option to receive a replacement device with automatic adjusted settings (Auto CPAP). • By choosing this option, we can ship them a replacement device without their prescription settings, which may help us process their order more efficiently. • Selecting Auto-adjusting CPAP provides patients and their prescribing physicians with the option to use the device’s default settings as a bridge therapy, which in turn allows us to fulfill the order faster without compromising the patient’s long-term therapy options. • No action is required from DME at this time, but applicable patients have the option to make this election within the Patient Portal. If the Auto-CPAP option is not selected by the patient, Philips Respironics will continue to work with the patient and their physician to obtain their prescription settings. • Please note, you can now view if eligible patients have selected to receive an auto-adjusting CPAP device within your weekly remediation report. • Additional information on the Auto CPAP program can be found here.

*Excludes System one Advanced Therapy patients

For registered Dream Station Go patients, please note that no action is required at this time. Please stay tuned for future communications regarding Dream Station Go and any actions that must be taken in the Patient Portal.

Patient Contact and Support Page

We understand that your patients may still have questions about the remediation process, their status, or may need additional support once they have received their replacement device. We have recently updated our Contact and Support page to help patients quickly and easily find the support they need. Thank you for your continued patience and trust.

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  • I have been treated well by all staff and doctors at this practice. My sleep issues have been helped greatly. My chemo induced neuropathy has been treated well and I have less pain than before. It is now manageable. It was so bad before treatment that I considered going out on disability. I now feel that I can work until I am eligible for full retirement.

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  • caring for my mother-in-law who suffers with dementia was
    becoming really difficult. The care Dr. Nanavaty and his staff provides really helps us
    maintain our lives too.

    Tracy Caring